Thankyou so very much for giving me my life back, through giving the gift of my health, and for giving me the health and wellbeing to allow our wonderful healthy, and beautiful son to be born. He is such a happy baby and so healthy and Scott and I are aware of the role you have played in this.
From the day I met you, I went home a new person, someone who could finally help me to get better, a special person, and I called you my guardian angel.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

F, S & baby K.

We are very pleased to announce the safe arrival of our new baby daughter C.B.
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your emotional support and your commitment to my health and pregnancy. I really feel without your guidance I would not be writing this card about my healthy child.
With love, T, K, Q, J and baby C.

Illness and Diagnosis Success

Dear Barbara,
This letter is well overdue, when in 2000 I hit a brick wall,  having so many specialists and  I had such a struggle to even get my infected  gall bladder operated on.
With specialists who could no longer help me with my skin problems,
I asked you about your relief services. Since that very first appointment, you have proven over and over again that I had made the right decision contacting you.
I want to portray my gratitude for the efficiency of your diagnosis, the extra time that you have spent with me, and the element of care that goes so far beyond dollars, unlike so much of business today. You have helped me gain a sense of security and trust, and to have  someone to lean on in  times of illness, is irreplaceable in terms of how a terminal illness affects how one feels they fit with the world.
Thanks again for being good at what you do.

Dear Barbara,
Thank you for your expertise and loving attention this year.


Dear Barbara,
Just a note to thankyou for looking after my health so well during this year – much appreciated

Thank you so much for welcoming us into your clinic. You have given us insight into natural healing through your care and guidance and we have really enjoyed our time here.
Best Wishes,

R & B