Service & Testing

Allergy Testing
Common cause of allergies today can be attributed to the processed foods we eat. Many are loaded with a “cocktail”  of chemical additives, which can cause powerful allergic reactions. Those of us who are sensitive, should avoid consuming  these foods. And should eat only organically produced foods, we also advise on having allergy testing.

BER The Vega Test
Using the newest, state of the art testing equipment for:  BER The Vega Test
Bio-energetic regulatory techniques (BER) is a rapidly emerging science, which owes its origin to the ancient arts of acupuncture and homeopathy. BER as it is known, records the bio-electric potential of a person and appropriate therapy may be recommended.

Body Aging test

Body Detox   – Colon, Liver & Kidney Cleansing

Using newest, state of the art Testing Equipment for: Iridology
We use new technology equipment called Video Iridoscope to analyse your Iris and print out colour photographs for further reference.
Iridology is a science based health analysis of one of the most complicated tissue structures of the whole body – the Iris.
It is a method whereby the doctor or health practitioner can distinguish  from markings and signs in the Iris the reflex conditions of various organs and systems of the body.

Menopause – Hormone Balance

Natural Fertility   Natural fertility offers you:

  • Confident contraception
  • Conscious conception
  • Functional fertility
  • Hormonal health
  • Preparation for pregnancy
  • Sex selection


Naturopathy – Nutrition advice,
Herbal Medicine,
Homeopathy, Natural Fertility
Weight Loss & Weight Gain


Allergies – Homeopathy, Nutrition & Diet

Bowen Therapy
Bowen therapy includes the dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue moves, which balance the body and stimulate energy flows. Bowen Therapy is holistic and enables the body to restore itself to maximum healing and well being, working on the physical, mental and emotional levels. This therapy assists rehabilitation following illness, accidents and strokes.

Electro Magnetic Therapy

Homeopathy is a system of medical practice based on the attempt to ” let like cure like”.
Substance that produces certain symptoms in a healthy individual will cure those  symptoms  in a sick individual.  The  medicine  you are prescribed is produced from plants and minerals and is obtained from their natural environment by licensed laboratories. Prescribed in very small amounts, homeopathic medicine  is designed to stimulate your immune system to produce positive results, without unwanted side effects or risk of becoming habit forming.

Nutrition – Vitamins, Minerals & Diet.
Clinical nutrition, or the use of diet as a therapy, serves as the foundation of naturopathic medicine. There is an ever increasing body of knowledge that supports the use of wholefoods
and nutritional supplements in the maintenance of health and treatment of disease. Many common conditions can be treated effectively by dietary measures including Acne, Arthritis, Asthma, Arteriosclerosis, Depression, Dabetes (type 2 ), Eczema, Gout, Hypertension, Irritable Bowel syndrome and Ulcerative Colitis.

Ozone Therapy
reduction in:

  • acne
  • cellulite reduction
  • inflammation
  • pain reduction
  • skin problems
  • stimulates hair growth where required
  • wrinkle reduction

Reflexology is a science that is really gaining in popularity and works on the basis that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that corresponds to glands, organs and various parts of our body.  Reflexology is a unique  method of using the thumb and fingers on these special  areas. Foot and hand reflexology has been shown to relieve stress and tension, improve blood supply and the unlocking of nerve impulses, so your body will work better to help nature achieve homeostasis. This means that all parts in the body work in harmony.

Snoring – improve oxygen while sleeping

Therapeutic Massage
Massage is not only designed to relax you and improve blood flow but it also has many other therapeutic and physiological effects. It restores function.

Massage exerts a beneficial influence upon the skin, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, lymphatics, heart, digestion and many other parts of the body. It helps eliminate toxic material from lungs, kidneys & skin so you fee better faster.

It increases the blood supply to all the vital organs and aids in their nourishment and well being. It improves mobility. Relaxes tight or spastic muscles, loosens fibrous thickening around joint and allows them to work more effectively